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We offer an "Optimal Health Program" that results in safe and rapid weight loss, utilizing a medically directed program

that is clinically proven through long term research from Johns Hopkins Medical Center.  The program is easy to implement

and follow, and  results in "Predictable Transformation"!   It is geared toward supplying patients with tools and strategies that

can be used for a lifetime of vibrant, energetic health.  It has a far superior success rate than any other "diet program" (such as

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem) and for most people is actually cost neutral, meaning that it costs no more

than the food one would ordinarily buy at the grocery store anyway!  Dr. Johnson and Dr. Geiger are not only Chiropractic

physicians, but Certified Health Coaches who are trained specifically to assist our patients to complete success and the creation

of a whole new level of health, which allows individuals to live bigger lives and achieve more of their human potential!  Feel

free to call Dr. Johnson at 916-759-6377 to find out more about this awesome program.  As of June 2018, we have had the honor

to assist over 1800 of our family, friends, patients, in addition to family and friends of patients who have been referred to us,

over just the past 5 years.  People successfully lose weight without strenuous exercise, without hunger and using a program that

takes the guesswork out of getting on a clean and highly nourishing plan that results in high energy, a natural detoxification

effect and the potential to reduce/eliminate medication use.

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