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  • "I would like to thank you for all the help I received since I started coming to you for my chiropractic treatments. In April 2011 I suffered severe pain in my right leg, especially in my foot caused by a pinched nerve. It hurt very much when I was walking, after the treatments, my pain got better and I was able to enjoy our Alaska Cruise in July. Dr. Ron & Dr. Johnson, I wish you much success in your new office and thank you from the bottem of my heart in helping me feel so good. God Bless you,"
    Sigrid Penrose, Fair Oaks, CA
  • "I came in with pain in my cervical spine from an injury in 2007 where a storm drain cover had dropped on my head. I had recently also developed left arm numbness to my fingertips. After a period of decompression treatments, my left arm is no longer numb and I am able to ride my Harley Davidson without being in pain and also to drive my car without being in discomfort in addition to being able to sleep without taking medication. I was a side sleeper and it was hard to adjust to trying to sleep on my back. It's like chewing, you have a tooth pulled and now you have to learn to chew on the other side! Now I am able to sleep on my side again. Thanks so much to Dr. Ron and his employees who have done so much for me."
    Kevin Gilmette, Sacramento, CA
  • "I'm 55 years old and have been a competitive water skier for the past 20 years. Three months ago I developed a shoulder problem and couldn't raise my hand above my shoulder. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain, my shoulder was a 9. I've never done chiropractic and wanted to give it a try. Thank God I chose Geiger Chiropractic! After 2 months my shoulder went from a pain of 9 to a 2. I am now a believer in chiropractic care and will be a regular at Geiger Chiropractic."
    Lance M., Granite Bay, CA
  • "Dr Geiger and Dr. Johnson, thank you so much for all of the wonderful services your office has provided for me. You have assisted me in obtaining and maintaining optimal health. Sincerest gratitidue."
    Patricia H., Sacramento, CA
  • "Two years ago, my back was bad - very difficult to walk or stand for any length of time. My visits to the doctor were 5 different prescriptions for pain. Unfortunately each one was higher dosage and none of them relieved my pain. My husband, a 20 year patient of Dr. Geiger, suggested I try a different treament. I was afraid to change but was desperate for relief.

    Dr. Geiger and Dr. Johnson explained what my problem was. My back was in very bad shape. I visited the office for treatment for 9 months. During that time, it was Dr. Geiger's patience and encouragement that made me want to be treated and get well. Happy to say, I got well enough to do housework, yardwork, and walk for exercise again. My husband and I continue our maintenance treatments which allow us to continue our daily healthy life.

    I'm 80 years old - Thank you Dr. Geiger and Dr. Johnson for continuing to help me enjoy life. If you have "PAIN" Dr. Geiger and Dr. Johnson can help you too!"
    Natsuye Yamane, Granite Bay, CA

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