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Dr. Lynn A. Johnson, D.C.

DrJ_002.jpgDr. Lynn A. Johnson, D.C.

Like Dr. Geiger, Dr. Johnson was attracted to the chiropractic profession because of a personal experience.  She was an avid horsewoman, growing up in Clovis, California on a small horse farm. She won many awards and championships on the west coast riding jumping horses and at 15 years of age, had a very bad fall, after which she could not move her arms and legs.

After being taken to the hospital, the feeling and movement began to return and after x-rays determined nothing was broken, she was sent home with pain medication.  Later while doing post graduate work in college, she started having numbness, tingling and pain in her hands and arms that became debilitating.  After a visit with an orthopedist who diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery was recommended.  Not feeling comfortable about the low percentage of positive outcomes of this surgery, and the prospects of having her hand mechanics altered forever, Dr. Johnson sought care with her best friend's mother who happened to be a chiropractor.

X-rays showed severe misalignments in her neck from the fall years earlier, which were causing disc degeneration, early arthritis and pressure on the nerve roots to her arms.  She underwent 8 weeks of  neck adjustments and  never had the hand problem again.  This instilled a serious desire to let others know that they had options beyond drugs and surgery and she switched her major from veterinary science to health care.  She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science from Fresno State University in l980 and from Palmer College of Chiropractic with honors in Sunnyvale, CA in l986.

Dr. Johnson enjoys gardening, working out and spending time with her nieces and their horses.  She also attends numerous seminars throughout he year to stay abreast of current research and resides in Granite Bay close to the clinic with her husband of 23 years, Dr. Ronald Geiger.

Granite Bay Chiropractor | Dr. Lynn A. Johnson, D.C.. Dr. Ronald E. Geiger, D.C. is a Granite Bay Chiropractor.